Dynamic meditation

Instructions for Dynamic Meditation of Mahamudra:

Dynamic meditation with awarness:

The Dynamic Meditation goes from step to step deeper and deeper into your consciousness.

  1.  First you try to let go of your thoughts,
  2.  than you try to let go of your feelimgs
  3.  and than your body.

Perhaps in the moment, when the energy arrives your pelvic floor, you heated it with the mantra Who. Then the energie carries the whole boddy and shows you the way through the heart, so meditation can happen.


First phase

In the first phase you stand a little wider than shoulder width and you ar breathing chaotically through the nose.

Pay attention to the exhallation prozess.

Exhale as hard as you can through the nose.

You can take the arms to support the respiratory muscles und support the rhythm of breathing to rock the pelvic back and forth.

In oder to breath chaotically in the first phase, it works only if you breath consciously. Perhaps you realize: “Oh, now I have made five equal breaths!” than you have to change the rhythm.

  • The more awareness you put into breathing, the less you can think.
  • If you loset again in your mind, your breath are not consciouly chaotic any more.

Then you let go of your thoughts and immediately change your breathing rhythm and stay tuned and than change your breathing rhythm again and again and again!

Second phase

Freak out with all your feelings, as if you were crazy. Make great movements, exaggerate, take every impulse and even it seams unimportant, make it great.

If you express your feelings consciously with your whole body, no energy is left for the head. And your feeling will no longer run in a circle, but a new impulse develops from within you. You follow it, express it with your whole body, with your whole voice. And so you go deeper and deeper through your emotional levels.

Then you may notice, that you are stuck again, perhaps in one of your favorite feelings. With all your strenghts enter the feeling with your whole awarness. Don’t lose your self, but watch how you scream, how you act, strengthen it, until you realize there is no more energie in it.

Then keep moving further and observe and breath and give voice until you realize there comes the next impulse, the next sensation.

Seize it, express it, burn, go up in flames, turn into afurna in which steel is heated until it turns liquid.

Observe yourself, notice your breath, your voice, your body but stay put until it is reduced to ashes.

Third phase

Jump on the spot and hit the ground with the whole foot and stretch your arms and hands up. When you shout mantra“ Who“! Let the mantra be hammered deep into your pelvis.

If you cannot jump, because you have health problems of the knees, hip or abdomen, then use the pelvic swinging back and forth.

If you jump consciously you get paid with letting go of your conditioning. Even if it is only for the moment!

Observe how you jump, if you hit the ground only with your toes or you hit the ground with the whole foot.

Notice when the moment comes: “I can`t jump any longer” How it gets stuck in your head!

Go back with your awarness to your body, in your jumping, in your feet, in your „Who“, in your “Who am I ?” Don`t think about it. Make your decision. And jump on, with it.

Stay aware, watch your movements, your breath, your voice. And maybe you feel the energy, as if it rebuilds itself, getting stronger, go with it. Let you carried by the energy. Don`t be influenced if you feel fatigued, continue jumping. Feel the energy and go with it. Be aware, go with the energy, take the „Who“. And make your decision: „I am now aware of the energy and jump with it“.

If you don`t stop to jump, you might feel that you have no longer enough energy. This is normal, the ernergy has peaks und valleys. Then you are in a energy valley. Stay tuned, go on jumping, stay with the „Who“. If you stay in the energy, itself builds up again. Sometimes it is like surfing on the waves. In the valley of the energy you only must have patience and it is built up again by itself and not to be deceived by the interpretation of your head. Only your mind tells you: „Stop it, you collaps!“  Stay with your body, then your mind don`t get so much energy. And every „Who“ that penetrates you, will purify your body.

Fourth phase

When the „Stop“ comes, stand still as if you are frozen. But breathe into your heart. Breathe consciously into your heart with each breath. Your breath will tuned down all by itself. If you’re breathing harder again, you’re back in your head.

Imagine you are like a tree whose roots have grown deep into the earth, its branches rising high into the sky.

Take all the energy from the earth and from the sky into your heart and breathe calmly. If you breathe consciously in your heart, you will experience a surprise: everything which is good increases, everything which is bad is decreases.Love increases, hatred decreases. Because it’s the same energy, the energy is converted from hate to love.

Feel your compassion, stay with all your energy, with all your consciousness in the heart. It’s nothing to be done, except to breathe consciously into the heart. The energy flows by itself. The energy shows you the way to meditation.

Fifth phase

Then the ernergy dances. Express your energy in exuberant movements, dance what your heart desires, give your energy to the whole world.

And stay in your energy, let it pour out of all your pores. And enjoy the energy. Enjoy to feel your body, go with your impulses of your movements, let your body follow the flow of energy.

Watch at your self. So that you’re dancing consciously. With all your attention! Go to the place in your body where it pinches, hurts or go to place it feels well.

Watch at your movements, connect them with your inner feelings, with your inner impulses, follow them and stay in the body, in your heart.

And if you notice, youare  dancing your pictures, your films, then you’re within your mind.

After that there are two possibilities: First you go back to the body, breathe consciously into your heart. Or maybe you stop consciously and take contact to your body and your heart and you begin to dance again.

Be always aware to hold the contact to your inner side.

Sixth phase

Hug at least three other participants after the meditation!


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