Awareness Understanding Meditation, short form AUM, is a profound, transforming process with alternating phases. The meditation is regularly happening in Dreieich near Frankfurt (→ Termine)..

This active meditation is held by specially trained and certified AUM Meditation leaders.

The AUM as opener

 (Text by Mahamudra)

Osho had once used a allegory, that fits perfectly to the AUM meditation.

„… Imagine you sit in your room. It is dark and the doors are closed. The light is waiting outside. You open the doors. When you open the doors, light comes in. You do not need to bring it in – it comes in. It happens by itself, but you have to open the doors… „
(Quote by Osho from „Jesus was silent“)

During the very different phases in the AUM you open new doors, or a window and again a door and again a window and so on……Even if you are open the windows and doors only a crack, the light is falling into you in different colours.

Over time, you realize that this perception persists for a longer period of time: one day, two days ..

We like to start the AUM at the beginning of the weekend. During the workdays you might lose the inner perception more easily due to stress of your work.

So on the one side you have to work hard to reach the door and to open it, because normally you sit thight stubbornly in your well furnished room created by your conditionings.

You can also remain in your room and meditate sitting in the lotus position. It will not help you!

You can envelop yourself with a mantra song. It will not help you! The light will not reach you!

You can also fly to Peru, go into the jungle to a shaman and take ayahuasca. It will not help you!

In reality you are not sitting in the freedom of the jungle, but still in your room, within your fears, that suggest you that you’re the victim of evil forces. Your solar plexus, your diaphragm, is so hardend through the vomiting, that your energy is blocked, the energy which should flow from the stomach to your heart. Your childhood fears, resting in your stomach, are increasingly inflated by the energy. The permanent diarrhea don´t prevent that. In your heart the transformation of your fears cannot take place. More and more you will be drive into your fears by the drug. That you’ll usually feel only at home in everyday life. And perhaps you will try to mobilize people to save you, the poor victim! But they will not be your friends, instead they will be codependent of you, the poor victim!

Your stubborn behavior, I don´t move towards the door myself, cannot be changed with the drug! And your fellows can`t open the windows and doors of your room, in your place, anytime they are trying. You only depart further from yourself and your fellows. Because the light is not able to reach you!

On the other side you need to be sensitive, you need to open yourself to feel inside yourself and to be awake waiting for what is coming.

As contradictory as it appears to you, so similarly are the different phases of the AUM are opposed to each other. Sometimes you act actively, sometimes you feel into yourself. It is constantly changing.

Another aspect of the AUM is also relevant: the playful way with yourself. In childhood and later in life you have learned that you have to try hard to become a important person. Now you may not want to do anything: „Not one more attempt!“ So you prefer only wellness, perhaps disguised as meditation so that you are accepting in the scene.

Or you’ve  internalized it so much that you have to struggel, that you have to reach goals, that you hardly notice yourself and your feelings! And now, you are so strict to yourself to reach meditation.

But you learn from AUM to AUM to act more playfully with your conditionings. You notice that this kind of effort is something else entirely. This effort leads to the release of your learned efforts. You notice that it becomes easier and easier, that stress goes away because your conditionings are becoming less important.

I do the AUM for 20 years. Sometimes I’m asked: “You still need the AUM?”. That’s a wrong question!

Typically, that is a question that is often asked by those, who have never surpassed the effort. Maybe their conditionings were too important to them. Or these question is asked by therapists, for whom the meditation is not a part of the therapy. Or they are seminar leaders who tell their clients the AUM is necessary, but they believe that they not need it anymore. Presumably, they have never been able to find the lightness of meditation.

Instead it would be correct to ask: „Why shouldn`t I make the AUM?“

Of course there on the path of your development their are many other ways to come to yourself. Of course you use them. But why shouldn`t you make the AUM, too, different ways don`t exclud each other?

Quite the opposite! The different ways need each other!

If you already believe that you have come very far, it may be that you see in the AUM, as in the Dynamic Meditation, that perhaps your esoteric illusion abuot your sainthood are crushed. But that is the great thing about these meditations. That can be the reason, why it is important that you do them. Then you will simply have fun to come back to the ground and you can heartily laugh about yourself. What a joy! And your restart together with other persons through the different coloured ernergy, to share it with others, to simply walk a bit together and to be.

A friend is a person who knows the melody of your heart and plays it to you when you have forgotten it.

Albert Einstein

Another important aspect of the AUM is, that it is a communal meditation, because ultimately it´s about friendship! You connot produce friendship! You cannot knock someone on the shoulder and tell him: „Your are my friend!“and then he will be your friend. You have to go together over and over through a process, as in the AUM. Through a process in which your conditionings are getting smaller and love can grow, friendship can be established, especially if you can realize your jealousy, which you are faced with in a group process as in the AUM here and there. Take it, learn to deal playfully with it. Then it will be a door opener and the friendship is like the light it´s shining with in you.