Objectives of the AUM

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I put together the following concept that I hope will be helpful for you:

1. A peaceful mind
2. A loving heart
3. Flowing emotions
4. Beautiful behavior
5. Fulfilling relationships

1. Peaceful Mind
The mind is mostly occupied with our history or with the future. With the AUM you express what is on your mind in different ways, so that your mind gets empty and you can relax. Then you become authentic, you are in the moment, and you can just enjoy being yourself.

2. Loving Heart
If your heart is closed, people can feel it, when you come close to them. Then often people move away. But when your heart is open, people are attracted to you and want to come closer to you. You radiate beauty. You have a positive attitude towards yourself, others and life. You want to share the love inside your heart.
With the AUM we help people to open their hearts.

You often hear us talk about being in a heartful space and coming from your heart. For me, it looks like this concept:

 Yes
Yes is the key. The journey to your heart begins with a ‘yes’ to want to look at yourself and to create change inside and outside of you. When you say ‘yes’ to yourself you can become the one you were born to be and make your dreams a reality.

 Acceptance
You need to accept yourself just the way you are, whether you are in a positive state or in a negative state – it is you. Acceptance opens your heart and you can feel what is going on and look inside. Then you will see that your negative feelings are your feelings, not anybody else’s. Now you can practice letting go of these negative feelings and change into a positive state of being.

 Letting go of Negative Feelings
This has to do with pain, fear, and anger. If you have got a lot of negative experiences in your life, they end up dominating you to the point where you react to new situations from your history. We are used to holding on to negative feelings, because we do are afraid to feel. But they are like poison in our system. Unless you let go of these feelings and you learn to forgive, your heart will always be burdened. Letting go brings you into a heart space, from where you will be able to respond to any situation with a positive attitude.

 Forgiveness
You need to forgive the other. Whether the other is absent or present has nothing to do with it, you need to forgive. Then you can start to forgive yourself for all this pain, misery and suffering that you’ve been holding on to. You are now ready to take full responsibility for who you are, for what you do, and for what happens to you in your life. Through this process of forgiving, you open up your heart to the state of compassion.

 Completion
When your heart is open and gratitude and forgiveness come together, then we can heal. Healing is a state of completion. It is the bringing together and acceptance of all our feelings.

 Compassion
I love the word “compassion.” Compassion is the way of the Buddha – and for me, it’s the most beautiful way to be. You can identify with the other, you can sympathize. Compassion is the result of love and care. When you care, it means that you are accurate about what the other needs. You can anticipate what the other wants.
If the other is hurt and crying and suffering, you first hold, comfort and reassure them that no matter what happened, it’s going to be all right – because you love them and you are here for them.
This is the way of compassion. You give your love because it turns you on. The other does not have to do anything for it.
If you come from a mental space, you are calculating and manipulating. But when you live from your heart, you are in a space of compassion. This opens you up to experience freedom.

 Inner Freedom
Inner Freedom originates from a compassionate, loving heart. When you are no longer burdened with negativity, when you have accepted the positive and the negative, the love and the pain, the ecstasy and the tragedy, you are free. You wake up in the morning with an open heart and say yes to another day of loving and living in wonder. With every breath you take you feel freedom radiating from you body. Just the joy of being, celebrating your life, being happy, accepting, you experience the freedom of being alive.
Then you get to the next step which is gratitude.

 Gratitude
Gratitude is the vibration of the love in my heart. Life is a blessing, an ongoing benediction. Of course there is negativity in the world, but you aren’t focusing on it anymore. You are just thankful. You are grateful. Life is not a problem. It’s a joy!
For instance, today you are grateful that you have the ability to be aware of yourself and the world, to experience love, to walk on this amazing earth, and to have so many friends to enjoy and celebrate your life with. To be grateful is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world.
Beyond gratitude you reach a state of innocence.

 Innocence
I have discovered that innocence is the basic pulsation of my heart. When you accept that your original face is love, and trust that your heart will always show you the way, it’s like the feeling of coming home, of peace. It has been said that only the innocent and the pure of heart shall enter the kingdom of Divine Existence. Just simply appreciating the moment, saying yes to God, living in love and you will find that you are innocent. It is almost like being a child, there are no filters in the way to judge the world. A child in wonder, your heart says “Wow!”
Then you reach the last phase, you are in bliss.

 State of Bliss
There is a special space inside everyone. It exists in every heart. This space I call the state of bliss. When your mind is peaceful and your heart is open, and you realize that your purpose in life is to have a love affair with all of existence, then you have entered the state of bliss. Bliss is the Buddha smile.

3. Flowing Emotions
The opposite of flowing emotions means you are stuck, caught up with, “I can’t feel,” and you are reacting with your emotions.
You came into this world complete. You look at a baby, it is pure feelings, pure emotions. As we grow, this energy, our emotions, gets suppressed and blocked. Usually it is influenced by the outside. At the age of three, your genital area is supposed to be very active. You’re standing there and your parents say, “Stop playing.” To you it is a good feeling, but the outside says no.
Or, if you’re man, you get told ‘men don’t cry’. Then you have to come to a group, to learn something that was natural to you: how to feel again, how to cry, how to express your emotions.

Getting you to have flowing emotions again doesn’t mean that now you use your emotions to violate another person. In your daily life, I don’t want you to scream “I hate you”, if somebody makes you angry. If somebody really pisses you off, you could give them a blast, but you don’t do it, because you’re too aware. People who are heartful act in a kind way, in a loving way; it’s attracting. They’re coming from a positive space.

The average time that people express their negative emotions totally in their entire lifetime is fifteen minutes. But what you’ve been doing here is exaggerating. I hope that when you leave here, you will be very aware of what you’re feeling. If you’re in tune with what you’re feeling you come into a flow. You’re at one with your heart.

If you’re not clear about your feelings, you just close your eyes for a moment, breathe into your heart, and you’ll know. Your mind has a lot of interpretations but in your heart usually it’s a good feeling or it’s a bad feeling: yes/no, good/bad, yippee/boo. It’s either a positive or negative.

If your feelings are flowing, it always gives you a choice about how you want to respond. Having flowing emotions is what I call being human, you feel with your heart.

When your heart is open, you have to give. You need to give; it’s just the way it is. Whatever you do will work if people feel your heart, feel that you care, feel that you want something good for them.

4. Beautiful Behavior
Behave as if you are a role model for how the whole world should behave on this earth. As people do the AUM totally, they open their hearts. The result is that they will behave in a beautiful way. Our guideline towards beautiful behavior is: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. That does not mean that you can not have negative thoughts but you choose to focus on a positive direction for yourself and you don’t blame others. If you have to identify with something, then identify with being good.

5. Fulfilling Relationships
Relationships fulfill you. On the inside it’s your relationship with yourself, on the outside with the other. Friendship is one of the goals we have here at the Humaniversity.

The basis of your relationships lies in the way you relate to your parents. Gurdieff said that you can see how far a man has come by looking at how much he loves his parents. A lot of people come and say, “I hate my parents.” But they did their trip their way and they gave you their best shot. Now you can complain about them or you can do it better yourself if you don’t like the way they did it; grow up.

Relationships are important to me. If you sit in a cave by yourself and say, “I got it, I am enlightened”, it means nothing. Now you give and share your love; it will fulfill you. I get so turned on, when I reach another person in my way and they say yes to love. Fulfilling relationships make you complete as a human being.