Who am I? And what is my mission?

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We are going to learn to recognize in this group by body experiences, meditations and experiences in the Here and Now:

  • How will my original energy feel and where does it want to take me in my development?
  • Which opportunities arise from these to be able to participate in the process of awareness of the world affairs?

Normally you assume you know who you are and what you want. But that is a statement from the outer hard shell that you’ve developed in childhood as protection against injuries. In addition you’re trying to cover up the injuries with defensive feelings, so no one can see you. Already in childhood you lose your contact with your inner self. Your will is broken by your fears, which are mirrored in your needs for security, acceptance and love.Your work turns into the modern form of love. And at some point you find yourself affected by burn-out, mobbing, a relationship crisis, or you could even end up standing completely beside yourself.

Or you think you can balance yourself between your professional and personal life. Perhaps you have designed a comfort zone, out of which you remain undetected. But you too cannot see yourself because you lack the mirroring of others.

Or you have an island to chill out and then freely go back to the modern galley, your job.Or you quit everything and you retire to your loneliness. Relationships are too exhausting, you chat rather non-committally on the visual display. You have no desire to bend to anyone, but neither for you!

You guess it already, no matter how you do it, you will not get out of the hamster running wheel!

The systemic crisis has captured the bedrooms long ago. More and more personal data are collected about you and evaluated by the state and the corporations, in order to guide you. The NSA scandal is just the tip of the iceberg! Scientists of the University of Applied Sciences in Münster (Germany) could determine not only when a TV was active in an apartment, but also which program was watched, solely on the basis of electricity consumption data (digitally recorded). And you still ask: And what does this have to do with me?

The ever progressive commodification of life creates increasingly psychic deformities even for the youngest children (a nursery nurse should look after 5-10 one year old babies simultaneously), deep into any family. The rationalization of work and private life manifests our alienation from ourselves ever more drasticly.

The three richest men on the planet possess more money than the gross national product of the 49 poorest countries, in spite of or because of the global economic crisis! And you think: Is it not pointless to interfere?

The profit of the banking system by foreign capital or worthless stock and bonds are only a reflection of our private lives. We too deal with taught foreign knowledge, because our real value, our energy, we don´t know any more! In our private life too, it is apparent from either a slowly creeping crises or from one distinct crisis to the next, which is actually your personal systemic crisis, which only can be alleviated temporarily by a „social network“.

You have to find yourself under all the junk from your childhood and from society. This is the only way out.


  •  if you only want to be accompanied through a crisis in your life you want to get rid of and do not want to go any further, a social worker is sufficient!

 Then, however, one thing is certain, the next crisis is already waiting for you!


  • if you want to go further, if you want to get to know your suppressed emotions and fears, then you just need a loving psychotherapist who will accompany you back to your childhood!

But even then, it is certain that your Mind has already developed new strategies during this process. They are even more subtle than the old strategies. You even think you have advanced further, because you no longer react in the manner you are used to.

  • If you are going a step further and you are raving of spirituality, then you need only to read spiritual books
  • Or you follow an esoteric “ accountant “ (like Yogi Maharishi) blindly and sing his mantra !

But it’s just borrowed knowledge, you have not experienced it. It lulls you again, just like any other drug. This is the way you prolong your sleep and the further economization of your existence is bearable for you again. Instead of singing mantras, you could also sing C O C A – C O L A. But if you do that at least you know how it tastes like and you know you are doing advertising for that company. You can believe in mantras or you don`t, they are meaningless for your development.

However, one thing is certain, you are living in a cloud cuckoo’s nest, with the cost of departing from yourself. You’ll get to know many esoteric techniques. These are techniques, but nothing else! You even lose yourself, by smearing whipped cream on your defense reactions.

With spirituality, it is as in the stories of Zen masters about archery. If you want to be a good archer, you have to put bow and arrows aside! The technique hampers you from experiencing the energy that wants to permeate from the inside of you into your consciousness.

You can experience spirituality, if you can see yourself with your heart again and your inner observer has come out of your mind bit by bit. Then you can see where and how your inner self emerges again.

Spirituality emerges on its own, you cannot sell it at the market.

  1.  Of course you will be woken up by your crises in your everyday life!
  2.  Of course, it is important to see your conditioning from childhood!
  3.  But you have to be fully woken up, you must listen to your inner self, in spite of all tranquilizers or drugs!
  4.  You need all your strength and all your sense of humor to follow yourself!

There is only one way!

If you’re really serious with yourself, with your life, then there is only one way: You must learn to see yourself.

The odd thing is, that you now have to exert yourself to grow out of your childhood efforts, and at the same time you have to learn to let go. This is dizzying for your mind, your heart laughs about your confused mind. The heart leaps and feels comfortable in the emerging humor. You have to understand your „shimmering personality“ and have to take it in your heart, to have a presentiment in order to see your core, your actual unbroken light, your own source and experience it in meditation. Only after a constant humorous change of effort and release, if you have enough courage, you can follow your energy with the greatest of ease and you can recognize repeatedly why you’re here.

In this group we will try to show this way and follow it together.

However, without meditation you will go no step further.

There are three kinds of meditations which can help you particularly well in your self-discovery:

  • The Dynamic Meditation!
  • The Kundalini Meditation!
  • The AUM Meditation!

Dynamic Meditation is a meditation of the 1st initiation.

The first initiation is about to sharpen your awareness of the energy that falls into you from above.

In the Dynamic Meditation you will learn that you are not your thoughts, your feelings and not your body. Then you can perceive how the energy falls into you from above. In the 4th phase of the Dynamic Meditation, which I like to refer to as “Who- phase” (Who am I?), you become aware of your energy blockages, when you can no longer jump. When you continue your ego begins to crumble. You can get a taste of your actual energy. In the next phase, perhaps, you lose your holiness with every inch your arms drop to the floor. You are no longer in meditation, no matter how holy you have felt before.

The Kundalini Meditation is a meditation of the 2nd initiation

The point is to sharpen your perception of the energy that rises to the top. Take the increasing energy completely into your heart then your personal heart melts like butter in the sun. This situation may cause your tears to flow. It is as if still a bit more of you would die. Ultimately, the Kundalini Meditation has to do with the nirvana, with the dissolution in the whole. Thus it goes beyond meditation. Deep within you, you know this state.

The AUM Meditation supports the way from love to friendship

The AUM meditation goes through many seemingly contradictory feelings. You go with your energy inward and outward, you share the energy with others. Ultimately, it’s about friendship! You cannot make friendship! You cannot pat someone on the back and say „You are my friend.“ You have to go together through a process in which your conditionings are decreasing and love can grow. Then friendship can arise, especially if you can recognize your jealousy, too. Take your jealousy and learn to be playful with it. Then it will be a door opener and friendship is like light which shines into you.