Personal coaching

Individuel coaching

The usual coaching

In collaboration with the Harvard Medical School the Harvard Business Scholl conducted a survey to investigate the coaching empirically.

The three main reasons of the involvement of a coach are:

1. to develop skills of efficient carriers of potential to support corporate change. (48% of repondents stated this as first priority)

2. to increase in effectiveness through realistic assessment carriers of potential and to increase of managers` skills and performances.(26%)

3. to identify and propose solutions and appropiate training programms to remedy improper or disruptive behavior being harmful to the production. (12%)

In the coaching only three percent of the cases were related to personal issues.

Coaching in Satsang

In contrast to the usual coaching, coaching in Satsang is the diametrically opposite way!
Coaching in Satsang uses crisis because they will contribute to your own self-enlightenment. Every crisis is actually a cry of your true being. Every crisis is a spiritual crisis!

The coaching in Satsang will not make you more adaptable. If you’re going with the coach it can be that you find out that in childhood you have taken a wrong direction, that you’ve developed yourself away from you. With even more expertise, you maid distance yourself still more from you.

But it is important for you to experience the following:

  • your development has nothing to do with the static concept: “There where I feel well, there I’m right!”
  • the ups and downs of your crisis are necessary to train your alertness
  • your crisis and the underlying fears – both culturally determined, and the fears that have influenced you in your childhood – are your guide in your growth process
  • you always can find through the crisis to yourself
  • you can grow beyond your conditionings
  • your fears are not your enemies, but your friends, they can show the potential that is in you
  • you will get a taste how your own personal approach of your development feels, when it is spreading within you
  • you can always get more often and deeper into the space beyond your conditionings

until you realize, that this space is also an illusion.

The result can then be that you can play your role in society easier because you are identified with it less and less.

But if you are doing your therapy to function better in society, or with your partner, then you will miss your way! Then you are tapped! You will remain dependent on so called therapist and therapy groups!