The film: „The Case of Wilhelm Reich“


The New Osho Wave


The empty promises of psychotherapy, the esoteric and spiritual scene!


The Western value system, by incorporating these therapies, is a drug,

just like any other religion!

It leads to the struggle against oneself!


Some  points of the book: NOW

The recently released film „The Case of Wilhelm Reich“ begins that Reich falls out with all famous persons of psychology in Vienna (Freud, Jung, etc.) because he formulated what others had already noticed. Psychoanalysis and talk therapies, which are developed from it, don´t make any progress. Patients do not really recover.

Reich was expelled from the International Psychoanalytic Association for this clarification!

All this happened 80-90 years ago but the issue that is addressed in the film is as controversial today as it was at that time:

  • Even today, there are the conventional medical psychotherapists who sedate their clients with pharmacological drugs.
  • • Psychotherapy does not allow to exit from life crises!
  • The connection to the cosmic energy, to your own inner core is necessary.

Depressions happen more often- even more frequent than 40 years ago. With the increasing commercialization of private life the psychological pressure that is enacted from the system on the individual increased. To be always up in any way is a dogma for a whole generation, which also is unable to turn off mentally. The diagnosis Burn Out is often only used in order not to confront the client with the diagnosis: „depression“.

According to the study of adult health in Germany (DGES 2013) 8.1% of adults suffer from depression; experts estimate that in the age group over 70, even 9-10% are depressed. In patient care institutions even every third person is affected by depression. No wonder that the elderly prefer to stay at home.

The German Pension Fund reported (Journal German Pension Insurance 1.2015), „… that the proportion of the workforce that are impaired, who cannot work anymore for psychological reasons, is now at 42.7% …“ (calculated on the total number of the impaired workforce). The average age of this new group of pensioners is 51 years.

Some Top`s

  • The EGO has no individuality!
  • Real individuality, however, begins beyond the EGO
  • Behind every power posturing there are sexual blockades
  • 1917: marriage for no one! 2017: marriage for everyone!
  •  We fell behind the achievements of the past!
  • Osho’s ideas went even one step further, as he put it:

„… The commune serves precisely this purpose: to make you aware of your absolute solitude. …. The family is deceiving you having a mother, having a father, having a husband, having a brother, having a sister, in short: not being alone …

Society provides you with all sorts of human gatherings to join. … The general idea of the commune is basically to: ‘exorcise’ all these fictions out of you. You are alone! You are alone! And it must be clear to you that this solitude is so precious that you must not lose it in any case. But which does not mean that relationships are excluded …“

  • Of course everyone talks of love, but what kind of love do they mean?
  • Is it love beyond jealousy?
  • Therapy without spirituality does not heal
  • And spiritual therapy without healing jealousy is no spiritual therapy!
  • There is no love posible!
  • “You cannot meditate before you have transcended the sexual energy”
  • (The Rebel, Osho)
  • „We are all on our own way“???
  • But our own way lies always beyond our own prisons!
  • Therapy as an opiate for the masses!
  • We run after the Gurus, too
  • Be authentic!
  • But with whom and with what in us are we authentic?
  • “The World Bank and a touch of holiness”