Laughing yoga

(Instructions for Laughing Yoga of Mahamudra)

If you’re deep in the laughter, and you  do the laughter without course any longer, then the mind disappears – quite suddenly!

The laughter can be a nice opener for you to come into a room where your conditionings don`t exist.

But first do the laughing, in the way you’re used to!

We laugh to be loved, for example the commercials of the esoteric scene – as highly spiritualy developed angels. We laugh to make a deal, we laugh at others, we laugh at comical situations and … and …. and …..

Perhaps you laugh like a child. But children also laugh to get the love of their parents. Perhaps you laugh like a baby, but babies also laugh, when they want to get the mother’s breast!

Be ever attentive while you laugh, be awake, do not fall into a trance! But laugh, as it comes, without thinking: “Do I laugh now superficially? Have I achieved the goal? Do I laugh for no reason?”

Laugh!! But be aware, without be coming seriously, and see what is happening within you and laugh!

Then you’ll catch the little moments where you laugh for no reason, just like that!

You can not force it! At some point you notice: they are emerging! In reality they are there all the times!

And more and more you get a feeling how to get away from the superficial laughter, to the point when you reach unexpectedly at genuine laughter, where you yourself are becoming the laughter! It’s like a memory of something that has always been there!

Where your heart laughs and laughs and laughs….

A laugh that like a wave which continues to pass through you, over and over again.