Osho and Veeresh

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Osho is an Indian mystic, master and teacher. His philosophy and teachings have inspired much of the work of the OSHO Humaniversity. Osho promoted a life based on awareness, love and responsibility.

Westerners were especially attracted to him because he explained topics from Eastern and Western philosophical and spiritual traditions in a lighthearted way, making them easily accessible.

Osho had a great respect and love of life, and spoke about the importance of living with a commitment to personal truth. At his community in Pune, India, he encouraged people to meditate and participate in therapy in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Veeresh, already a successful therapist in the Human Potential Movement, met Osho in 1974. He was deeply impressed by the way Osho focused on the inherent goodness of each individual. Veeresh combined Osho’s teachings and meditations with his own therapeutic techniques and in 1978 founded the OSHO Humaniversity in the Netherlands.

1976 Osho asked Veeresh to led an six day Intensiv-Workshop.


Making this experience readily accesible to more people in 1986 VEERESH created the 2,5 hour AUM MEDITATION.

He declared the AUM as quintessence of his therapeutic work and dedicated it to OSHO and all participants as a gift.
Osho about the AUM

In a Darshan (Sanskrit = „Meeting with the Master“) Osho once said to Veeresh about the AUM:

Identification is the key. If you want to open the window of anything, you have to get identified. In fact anger is no more there — you are anger. Only then it comes totally… you are totally possessed.
But negative windows have to be opened first because society has closed them, and people have completely forgotten how to be angry. And if you don’t know how to be angry, how can you know how to be in compassion? It is impossible. Compassion is a higher state, and you have not even fulfilled the preliminary. The first step has not even been taken, so how can you take the last?
So you move to anger. You open the window and go as far as you can so that you are finished with it. When you are finished with it you are ready to open the door of compassion. It is exactly the opposite window. So once all that society has repressed surfaces is relieved, you are cleaned.
And once a person is cleaned, he will automatically start moving towards the positive windows.
Take his hand and lead him towards the window and he will move — because nobody really wants to hate. Nobody wants to be angry, because one suffers through it. Everybody wants to love and to be loved. Everybody wants to live as beautiful a life as possible. One lives an ugly life because one does not know how to live a beautiful life. One dreams about the beautiful and lives the ugly.

And the ugly has been repressed and that repression has culminated and corrupted the whole being, so that it becomes almost impossible to reach the higher dimension….“

Osho: From Nothing to Lose But Your Head