The Kundalini Meditation

Instructions for Kundalini Meditation of Mahamudra:

The Kundalini Meditation is a meditation of the 2nd initiation

The 2nd initiation is there to sharpen the perception of the energy rising from your pelvis up, while the Dynamic Meditation is rather a meditation of 1st initiation. The 1st initiation is there to sharpen the perception of the energy that falls into you from above.

In the Dynamic Meditation you are learning, that

• you are not your thoughts
• you are not your feelings
• you are not your body
then you are able to perceive how the energy falls into you from above deep in your pelvis.

While the falling energy rather challenges more of your feminine side, the rising up of the energy is more difficult and demands rather your masculine side.

But the Kundalini Meditation differs also in another point from the Dynamic Mediation. It goes beyond meditation. A suitable image for these different conditions is the sitting and reclining Buddha in Buddhism.

The sitting Buddha in Buddhism stands for wisdom, for wisdom in meditation, for wisdom in the heart.

The reclining Buddha is in the nirvana.

During the 3rd and 4th  phases of the Kundalini Meditation you are reminded of the sitting and reclining Buddha, deep inside in you, because your body knows these states.

In the 3rd phase of  the Kundalini Meditation you can go with the energy into your heart, that you became aware of in the first two phases, it is an incessant rising up with in you, so that your personal heart melts like the butter in the sun. It may be that your tears flow, but not from sadness. It may be that your tears from time to time flow after that experience in everyday life , but also not from sadness. It is, as if you are dying , bit for bit. It is such as a beautiful reminder of death.

The 4th phase of the Kundalini Meditation has a very special significance.

Because it has to do with the Nirvana, with the dying after the death, with the dissolution into the whole.

All three previous phases prepare you for the 4th phase. But it may be that you fall asleep in this phase, either in the way that you go into your movies –and even if they were ever so holy, thy are movies- or you drift off and really fall asleep.

In Buddhism too there is a kind of warning of the state of sleep, in order not to lose too easily all the attention. Because it is the opposite of sleeping, you are in the state of awareness in a close connectedness with everything.

In Bangkok, for example, there is the temple “Wat Pho” with a statue of the reclining Buddha inside. It is also called „Temple of the Reclining Buddha.“ It is considered one of the oldest and most magnificent royal temples in Bangkok. In contrast the temple has got 16 giant demons at the four gates.

You have to pass the demons, your own demons, otherwise you can not enter the temple of nirvana. On the otherside, only your demons can bring you into the temple, because it is pointed out by these statues,

  • that you have to come to terms with your demons
  • that firstly you need to have experienced the 1st initiation and  have grasped the heart, as in the Dynamic Meditation
  • that you have become the master in your temple
  • that you have to go through the 1st initiation, bevor you can understand und experience the 2nd initiation beyond your heart, as in the Kundalini Meditation

As your development will not proceed as planned, it is always important to come into contact with the two paths of the two initiations without knowing: When, how, where, which way works with you.
It is very important that you know that you have no plan, otherwise you are there where the Hindus are. They have the phases of development made into a caste-system, with all its dehumanizing effects, because they assume that you were born into your caste (development phase). In this life you can not get out of your caste.

Gautama Buddha was the first person who vehemently rejected this idea. Between birth and death your task is to develop yourself beyond of what you are.  Otherwise you have not lived. And life is not predictable, it has nothing to do with the head. In reality, your development is never linear, but you have missed your enlightenment by a hairs´ breath a thousand times. Effort and relaxation happening constantly in an unalterable switch. You need both initiations, otherwise you will smear cream on your shit”! That would Salama like to say, she was one of my teachers.

The meditations are not a substitute for spiritual development. The Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation is like a short form of spiritual initiation phases.

But first you have to go through the various phases in your own therapy in oder to be able to enter your own process. Then you will remember of yourself in the meditations again and again. More and more original energy will take up room in your consciousness.

Half the way through the heart, i s  n o  w a y  at all !

You think, you could only go part of the way. But with your head you can go nowhere. With your head you make only detours and come to dead ends without coming to the end! He only produced movies to let the stagnation appear in a new guise.

You have to be totally in your heart!

It takes a second effort and a second release, a creative tightrope walk between them, to feel what will open from the inside!

On your own side of the flow of life you can give in to quickly and dreaming to be on the other side of the river. But you never immersed yourself into the river of life.  This false dream also happens, because you will not often find the second initiation in conjunction with the first with the same teacher.

Or it is because you believe to be already in meditation, while you are only manipulating yourself with mantras, you might even believe you are flying! The accountant, Yogi Maharishi, says hello, I am here!

Transcendence arises when both initiations come together. They act like two poles, such as female and male. But without these two poles, without these initiations there is no transcendence. This transcendence is of a very different kind than the initiations themselves.