Global AUM

The Global AUM took place on 21/09 already since 4 years in many cities

around the world in the „International Day of Peace“ by the United Nations (UN).

01.Global AUM

Veeresh itself had called for the Global AUM (see the link below!).

02. wow2012-8041

Also this year, organized the Humanversity on 21/09. again

the Global AUM in many countries around the world.

03.mega aum 2012-5969

Therefore, the Global AUM will take place at


21. September, Beginn 19.00 Uhr, Ende 22.30 Uhr

05. IMG_4251

Im Mevlana, OSHO Center Parimal Gut Hübenthal, Hübenthal 1, 37218 Witzenhausen

0049 5542 5227,

06.Mega aum july 2011-2180


18.00 Registration

07.Mega AUM jul 2011-2201

18.30 Introduction to the AUM with Premala and Mahamudra


19.00 Start of the AUM, previously video by Veeresh


22.30 Get together with Premala and Mahamudra

10. D7K_6394

For carpools please register:

Veeresh Introduces the Global AUM Meditation for World Peace: