( Text of Mahamudra )

Breathing connects you with your body. And breathing connects you with the universe, with the energy that is omnipresent. Breathing connects you with the Divine that is within you and outside of you. But this connection is disturbed. Rebirthing can help you to resolve your interference step by step, that is deep within your inner layers of your personality.
Before you were born you have been supplied with oxygen and energy through the umbilical cord. For nine months, you were have been connected to your mother via this system. For nine months, you have felt her heart beating and her breathing rhythm. But at birth, when the umbilical cord was cut, you have to breathe through the lungs in order to survive. But how much time does this change process require?

The experience with the rebirthing shows that the breathing rhythm becomes normal only after 1 to 2 hours. From that wie conclude, that an new born baby needs more tan 10 or 20 minutes. But your umbilical cord was cut, too soon.
Therefore, it is only usual that we have an disturbed breathing due to this trauma. May be even more shock states were added in your childhood, which have froozen your breath, perhaps only for a brief moment. But anyway, these moments were formative for your breathing and you used to braath flat, assuming a protective posture.

In rebirthing, if you can breathe the full breathing cycle of 1-2 hours, you gradually normalize your breathing. Of course, there are feelings released in the form of images, colors, phrases, or whatever, that have resulted in a tension of your breath during your childhood.

You remember it during the breathing session. Some things you realize, some things you have to express with your voice and your movements and to process consciously, other remains in the unconscious and dissolve.

From meeting to meeting deeper and deeper layers of your personality are touched and the self-healing power is activated. Your physical perception, your painful memories pass by when you go on to breath.

At the end of the sessions, all of these traumatic feelings have receded into the background and you are filled with silence and peace.

This Holotropic – literally: holistic targeting- breathing, is rooted in spiritual traditions.

Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina Grof has developed from it a special method using breathing techniques to go deep, specially selected music, process oriented body work and inclusive sharing. Now it is a part of humanistic psychology.

Brigitte and Mahamudra go as a companions with you through your Rebirthing process on the basis of their own knowledge and experience.